Neville Kennerley

    Neville Kennerley

    • Senior Consultant
    • QSA
    • 20 Years Experience

    Neville Kennerley  |  Senior Consultant

    Neville’s mission is to work with business owners with between $3m and $30m turnover who are striving to get ahead in order to better support their families and their community; enjoys seeing the potential of a business realised through the application of proven financial management strategies and provision external accountability.

    A very broad field of experience over the last 20 years has covered hands-on experience in all areas of business as both an employee and business owner at different times, as well as invaluable knowledge gained through working alongside successful business owners developing strategies for other business owners needing assistance to break out of a crisis situation or through a glass ceiling.

    He is a Qualified Statutory Accountant recognised by NZICA. Personality type includes being a natural problem solver and having a tendency to talk about the elephant in the room.